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Check out our broad selection of bike pedals, MTB pedals, platform pedals, cleats and pedal accessories for the budget minded shopper.

Among the most important components of a bicycle are the pedals. They are the means that enable the rider to propel the bike forward by providing a connection between the cyclist's foot and the crank. Pedals get the bicycle in motion.

Just like there are various kinds of cyclists and bicycles, there are also different kinds of bike pedals, ranging from basic platform pedals to clipless pedals. There are also the versatile reversible pedals that combine clipless pedals with platform pedals for the best of both worlds

We offer all kinds of bike pedals for avid cyclists at our store along with bike pedal accessories such as cleats and footstraps. Road Bike Outlet is your one-stop shop for everything related to cycling, from bicycles to bike accessories, you will find everything here at discount prices.