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fixed gear

  • How to Assemble a Vilano Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike

    Do you have a Vilano Fixed Gear/Single Speed Bike on the way? The friendly folks at Vilano Bikes made this short and informative video to help you through the simple process of assembling it:

    Please know that Vilano Bikes ship in a factory direct state! While the above video highlights the main points of assembly, the bike may require additional tuning. Please visit help.roadbikeoutlet.com for lots of great information and more videos.

    We have bike techs on staff available to assist as well. Call us at 855-762-3245 or send and email to customercare@roadbikeoutlet.com. We are here to help!

  • Fixed Gear Bikes

    At RoadBikeOutlet, you will discover a great selection of fixed gear road bikes. Fixies are a great choice for commuting, college students, city dwellers, or anyone looking for a basic, simple-looking and easy to maintain bike.

    Vilano EDGE Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bike Vilano EDGE Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bike

    Nearly every bike in our fixed gear category has a flip-flop hub. Our fixies ship configured as single speed bikes. In order to convert the bike to a fixed gear, start by removing the rear wheel. Loosen the 2 nuts from the axle on the rear wheel. Slide it forward, take the chain off, flip it over to the 'fixed' gear side and re-install.

    When you ride using the free wheel you are able to coast or stop pedaling. Alternatively, when using the fixed gear side, the rear wheel moves and your pedals move with it. This means when you pedal it forward or backward, the wheel will move in that direction.

    If you purchase a fixed gear bike (or any bike) from RoadBikeOutlet, consider adding the pro-build service. Our professional bike mechanics will fully inspect, assemble and tune your bicycle, then disassemble the bicycle just enough to fit it back into the shipping box, add more packing protection, and secure all movable parts to prevent any damage that might occur during transit.

    Of course you may assemble your fixed gear bike yourself. We have many helpful assembly videos and tips available. If you do choose to assemble your fixie on your own, be sure to bring it to a qualified bike mechanic for a final tuning and safety check.

    No gears = easy maintenance!  A fixed gear bike is an awesome choice if you’re looking for a relatively lightweight bike with nice, clean lines. RoadBikeOutlet is sure to have the fixed gear bike for you.

    Vilano EDGE Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bike Vilano EDGE Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bike

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