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mountain bike

  • Don't put your bike away!

    Leaves are dropping from the trees and you find yourself searching the far reaches of your closet for a flannel shirt. Suddenly you have an overwhelming  desire for anything  pumpkin spice...


    Autumn trail Autumn trail

    This doesn't mean you have to put your bike away just yet. Know that caution is needed when cycling during autumn months. The weather may be unpredictable with high winds and mixed precipitation, the sun is low and angled, and slippery wet surfaces or debris in the road can be a challenge. These are all good reasons to slow down and pay attention.

    Be prepared for anything and carry a waterproof jacket, tool kit, tubes, water, a snack and a few dollars. Even if you don't need them, maybe you'll be able to help a fellow cyclist out with either a quick roadside repair or an energy boost.

    Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance hybrid Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid

    It is a good year-round practice to make sure your bike is tuned correctly, but take an extra few minutes now and give it a once over.

    Visually inspect the entire bicycle. Make sure the brakes are working well. Double and triple check that your front white light and rear red light's batteries are functioning. Look at the chain and go through the gears. Now is not the time to be stranded and unprepared! If it does happen, remember that AAA now offers roadside assistance to cyclists, too!

    When you are ready to head out for a ride, wear bright clothing, and add reflective strips to your body parts that move (legs, shoes, wrists) for extra safety. If you wear a pack or bag, put reflective strips and a light on it also. Put a flashing light on the back of your helmet to be more visible. I love this idea as it puts light at a motorist's eye level.

    Pumpkins = fall Pumpkins = fall

    The season's change should not prevent you from having fun out on the road or trails. There is even more reason to get out there, as studies show that regular exercise (like cycling every day for 1/2 hour) is great for the mind and the body.

    Have fun and happy riding!

  • Why Consider a 27.5” (650B) Mountain Bike?

    A 27.5” or 650B mountain bike (MTB) balances the best of both worlds between a 26” and a 29” MTB. It is lighter and more nimble than a 29er and will roll over obstacles better than a traditional 26" bike. A 27.5” MTB is also a good option if you are on the smaller side, as sometimes a 29er can feel pretty large to average (and under) riders.

    Vilano Deuce 650b MTB Vilano Deuce 650b MTB

    The Vilano Deuce 650B Mountain Bike MTB 24 Speed with 27.5 Inch Wheels has these qualities, and more! The frame is made of a lightweight, handcrafted 6061 aluminum, and together with the suspension fork and 24 speeds the Vilano Deuce smoothly handles any situation on the trail.

    Here’s a little bit of MTB history:

    Previously the industry standard, the 26” mountain bike was born when folks started taking modified cruisers down mountains back in the 1970s. These morphed into the 26” MTBs we know today, typically ridden on trails and other unpaved areas with varied terrain.

    Some advantages of 26” mountain bikes include quicker acceleration in different riding situations, they are generally lighter and responsive, and also give a good sense of control. However, one drawback of a 26” MTB is the wheels hit roots, rocks and holes at steeper angles, causing riders to lose speed faster than they would on a bike with larger wheels.

    Vilano Blackjack 29er MTB Vilano Blackjack 29er MTB

    Eventually, bike manufacturers started making 29” MTBs. A 29” mountain bike, or 29er (such as the Vilano Blackjack 29er MTB) has bigger wheels that roll over obstacles with ease. The larger wheels have more contact with the ground and provide better braking and grip. 29ers are also great for average to larger sized riders.

    A 27.5”, 650B mountain bike is the perfect compromise between 26” and 29er MTBs. The larger wheels will better navigate tough terrain, yet the wheels are not so large that decent acceleration is an issue.

    The Vilano Deuce 650B Mountain Bike is equally comfortable on dirt roads or trails, pavement or paths. Check out the full specs of this versatile 27.5" MTB on Road Bike Outlet.

    Vilano Deuce 650b 27.5 MTB Vilano Deuce 650b 27.5 MTB
  • The Trinx M237 XPLODE 27.5 650b Mountain Bike MTB Bicycle is now available!

    Trinx M237 XPLODE 27.5 650b Mountain Bike MTB Bicycle Trinx M237 XPLODE 27.5 650b Mountain Bike MTB Bicycle

    Looking for an affordable, entry level 27.5" mountain bike? Check out the Trinx M237 XPLODE 27.5 650b Mountain Bike MTB Bicycle Shimano 21 Speed.

    This 27.5 MTB (or a 650B MTB) features a Shimano drivetrain with EZ-fire shifters, front suspension and disc brakes. It has 21 speeds and the frame is 16" 27.5 double butted 6061 Aluminum. There's an alloy crown suspension fork, and 27.5" wheels.

    Roll through any terrain with this versatile 27.5 mountain bike. If you need an MTB, are on a budget and yet are unwilling to sacrifice style, the Trinx M237 XPLODE 27.5 650b Mountain Bike MTB Bicycle is for you!

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