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Reasons to Ride Your Bike to Work

Part of the Bike Month festivities every year, Bike to Work Day is the third Friday in May. Do you need reasons to spend more time in the saddle? Here are six good ones:

You will save money. Gas prices are near an all time high. With the money you bank from commuting by bike, you can buy new fun bike gear!

You will help the environment. No emissions or fumes come from a pedal powered bike.

You will see things you may have missed while behind the wheel of your car. Like a giant blue heron spearing a fish in the pond you pass every day. Or a five dollar bill on the road’s shoulder.

You will not be at the mercy of your spin instructor. Because you won’t need spin class anymore! Commuting by bike is keeping fit with a purpose.

You will not miss bumper to bumper traffic. The bored commuters sitting stationary in their cars will look at you with envy and longing as you glide past them in the bike lane carefree and car-free.

You will feel happier. There is no better way to start your day then with fresh air and exercise. Your attitude will rub off on your co-workers and who knows? You may very well mobilize a helmeted and proud fleet of bicycle commuters.

Get your bike out of the garage, and get to work under your own power.  The rewards are great!

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