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  • Introducing Aztron Inflatable SUP Boards!

    Aztron Lunar Inflatable SUP Aztron Lunar SUP Board

    Just in time for stand up paddle board season, check out the Aztron line up of inflatable SUP boards now available on RoadBikeOutlet.com.

    Aztron's SUPs signature double chamber technology means these boards are super stiff, and have the feel of a rigid stand up paddle board.

    All of Aztron's SUP board packages come fully loaded with accessories like an awesome carry bag, 3 piece paddle, leash and a dual action pump.

    Aztron Mercury iSUP Aztron Mercury Inflatable SUP

    Great for beginners, experts and anyone in between, Aztron SUP boards offer something for everybody. The Aztron Sirius is great for surfing and whitewater, while the Meteor is perfect if you need to travel to a SUP race. There is even a multi person SUP board, the Aztron Galaxie!

    Think about an inflatable stand up paddle board as a durable, lighter and versatile alternative to traditional hard SUP boards. Whether you're landlocked, have an upcoming vacation near the sea, or want to try SUP yoga, all you need is some water and a sense of adventure to enjoy stand up paddle life.

    With so many reasons to get an inflatable SUP, like ease of storage, portability,  a chance see the world in a different way, and FUN, Aztron is sure to make waves in the industry. We are excited to carry Aztron iSUPs, and think you'll agree.

    Be a part of this super fun sport and one of the hottest summer activities of the past couple years. An amazing way to spend time with family and friends,  or even to get in shape, stand up paddle boarding is here to stay.

    Join us on the journey, and check out the Aztron SUP boards!

    Aztron iSUP Aztron Urono Inflatable SUP Board
  • SUP Camping – Getting Started

    Following is a guest post from Scott Lynch.

    SUP Camping – Getting Started

    Yes! You’re reading those two words together: SUP + Camping. We’ve all heard of canoe camping and kayak camping, so why not stand up paddle board camping? It’s easier than you think, and more fun than you can possibly imagine.

    Vilano Voyager SUP Vilano Voyager on shore

    SUP camping is as easy as strapping camping gear to your SUP, hitting the water, and paddling to a unique destination from anywhere to an overnight camp trip, to a weekend excursion, or multi-week expedition. Imagine waking up on a beach or island that you paddled to with your SUP – the sunset, sunrise, solitude and fresh air are worth the effort. In order to have a safe, fun and comfortable SUP camping trip, here are a few essentials to get you started:

    1. An appropriate SUP: Just about any SUP can be used for camping, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. First is weight capacity. All boards have specified weight capacities for different skill levels. Because of the items required for a camping trip (discussed later in this article), add a minimum of 30 lbs. to your weight when considering a board’s weight limits. The next thing to consider is stability. Since you’re going to be strapping your provisions to your SUP, you need a board that is very stable. Usually greater stability is found in thicker and wider boards. A couple great boards for SUP Camping are the Vilano Voyager 11’ and the Vilano Navigator 10’ boards. Both of these have the necessary weight capacity, stability and there’s plenty of room to strap your gear.

    SUP Paddle SUP Paddle, sunset

    2. Basic camping gear: This is your shelter, sleep and eat systems. For shelter, you can use a tent, hammock, tarp, or bivy. For sleep, you’ll need a sleeping pad, sleeping bag or blanket, and small pillow. And for food, unless you’re planning on eating PB&J for days, you need some way to heat a pot or pan. Whatever you decide on for your gear, remember lighter/smaller is better! There’s no way getting around having to place your gear in a waterproof bag and strapping it to your SUP. This is not going to work with your 12lb. backyard, multi-room, family, car camping tent. Consult a professional outfitter for light weight “backpacking”-style gear choices.

    3. Waterproof bags: If there’s one rule to remember from this article it’s that everything not in a waterproof bag will get completely soaked! Ideally, these bags must be submersible-rated, roll-down, and heavy-duty. All your camping gear, food, clothing and electronics must be protected from water. This often takes as much consideration and care as camping gear selection and packing.

    4. Strapping gear to your SUP: Vilano SUPs have D-rings and bungees for strapping gear on the front and back of the board. This makes things easy. But there’s no need to fret if your SUP doesn’t have these. You can either glue or suction-cup attach D-rings to just about any SUP. If D-rings aren’t your style, and you’re just paddling on flat water, a couple webbing cinch straps around your board and over your gear will get you to your camping destination.

    Vilano Voyager SUP Vilano Voyager Inflatable SUP, great choice for camping
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, is it for you?

    Want to shake up your yoga routine? If you are bored of your indoor yoga studio with its recorded nature sounds, hardwood floors and closed door it may be time to bust out of those confining walls and try a stand up paddle (SUP) board yoga class. Get outside and get on the water!

    SUP yoga is an awesome way to strengthen your core and improve flexibility while you enjoy being outdoors, floating blissfully on the water. Experience the beauty of the open sky and the feel of waves gently lapping the side of your SUP board.

    Considered more of a workout than “inside” yoga, when you hold a pose on the SUP board, you must actively engage your core in order to maintain balance.

    An inflatable SUP is the way to go for a SUP yoga class. It’s more comfortable than a hard board when you are stretching, lying on your back or holding a posture.

    The Vilano Navigator, Vilano Voyager, Aqua Marina SPK-3 are all fantastic choices for your next SUP yoga class.

    FLOW Yoga Inflatable SUP FLOW Yoga Inflatable SUP

    The Flow Yoga Inflatable SUP board was made by Aqua Marina specifically with yoga buffs in mind. The deck pad runs edge to edge, and the front and tail of the board are squared off, just like your favorite yoga mat. The 9’9” length board is easy to tote to the water (while inflated or deflated) for your next class. The 31” width along with 6” thickness provide superior stability as you move from posture to posture.

    Not convinced yet? Here are some reasons you should try yoga on a SUP board.

    If your area has a body of water, there is likely a SUP yoga class being held there. Grab an inflatable SUP board and go for it!

  • Inflatable SUP Boards--Tips and Tricks for the Beginner

    Whether you are thinking about purchasing an Inflatable SUP Board or recently purchased your first one, we have a few tips for the beginning paddler!

    Vilano Journey Learning to paddle a SUP

    Consider a leash. A SUP leash will keep the board tethered to your leg and within reach if you so happen to <ahem> “dismount” the board for any reason.

    Be sure to face the right way. Before you begin, check where the fin(s) on the underside of the SUP board are. The fin(s) should be behind you as you paddle. Fins help the board “track” in the water and keep it in a straight line.

    Start on your knees. Take the board into a few feet of flat, calm water and mount the board on your knees. Get used to the way your weight feels on the board while kneeling. Paddling on the right side of the board will move you to the left, and vice versa.  Paddle around a little. Think you’re ready to get up?

    Stand up on the board. Keep your feet parallel and shoulder width apart, positioned about in the middle of the SUP board (straddle the handle). Stand up straight and with good posture, but not stiff. Grip the top of the paddle’s handle with one hand, the center of the shaft with the other, and start paddling!

    Use your body to paddle, not only your arms. Bend your knees a little, push the paddle into the water, and twist your torso using your stronger core muscles rather than just your arms. Note: If you have a paddle that has an angled or sloped blade, be sure to hold it so the blade slopes away from you. Holding it the other way will cause drag and slow your progress!

    Keep your head up. Your body will follow your eyes/head’s lead, so if you are constantly looking down, you may wind up in the drink! Head up, back straight, and body weight slightly over your toes as you paddle are good habits for the SUP board beginner.

    Be aware of conditions. Check tides and wind and weather forecasts before you head out to paddle. Weather can change quickly and you do not want to be caught unaware.

    Fall gracefully. Away from your board and fins! Go ahead and practice so you are ready for the first time it happens spontaneously.

    Mind your equipment. Most “accidents” with the board will happen out of the water, or in too-shallow water. The fin is not meant to run aground or be dropped onto a hard surface from any height. For optimal performance, be sure your inflatable SUP board is pumped to the recommended PSI.  Also, if you find yourself in the surf lineup, steer clear of other wave riders until you are comfortable. A wave can tumble you and the board over, and damage your gear or theirs.

    Have fun! Stand up paddle boarding is fun and relaxing as you glide through the water under your own power. Even if you are new to inflatable SUPs, know that with practice you’ll improve quickly and soon will be showing others the right way to SUP.

  • The All New Vilano Inflatable SUP Boards Have Arrived!

    Are you ready to try the latest and greatest water sports craze? Vilano Bikes has expanded its inflatable stand up paddle (SUP) board line with three brand new models, and we have them all here at RoadBikeOutlet. Inflatable SUP boards are the perfect choice for simple storage and portability.

    The Vilano Navigator inflatable SUP board The Vilano Navigator inflatable SUP board

    No car rack? No problem! These SUP boards roll up to a compact size and fit into the included backpack style carry bag. They are lightweight and easy to take on your next water adventure.

    The Vilano Journey is 10 feet long, 31 inches wide and 4 inches thick. The Vilano Navigator is also 10 feet long and 31 inches wide, but it is 6 inches thick. And the Vilano Voyager comes in at 11 feet in length, 31 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

    The Vilano Journey inflatable SUP board The Vilano Journey inflatable SUP board

    All three models have a detachable single fin, and come with a paddle, pump and patch kit. The diamond grooved deck pad will help keep you on your feet and the drop stitch construction is durable. There’s a handy bungee for stowing cargo on board, and D ring hooks for attaching a SUP leash, kayak seat and anything else you need as you head out for a fun day of paddling.

    Vilano SUP boards are great for fun and fitness, leisurely outings and all day touring.

    As always, we offer free shipping to the continental US on SUP boards and accessories, and every other item in the store.

    Now is the time to explore a fresh water spring in Florida or Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, the Jersey shore Atlantic or the Huntington Beach Pacific! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned paddler, RoadBikeOutlet has the Vilano Inflatable SUP board for you.

    Vilano Voyager inflatable SUP board Vilano Voyager inflatable SUP board

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