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vertical climber

  • Conquer Vertical Climber 3.0 Workout Ideas

    The Conquer Vertical Climber 3.0 is the perfect machine for a complete body workout.

    But I am not an expert fitness professional!

    So why you should take my advice? I am in respectable shape, and use the climber to supplement my somewhat “regular” exercise routine of stand up paddleboarding , commuting by bike to work and playing adult-league soccer.

    In my experience, using the vertical climber a couple of times a week is great low impact exercise with a lot of bang for the buck. My heart gets pumping and it’s fun to pretend I am scaling Half Dome in Yosemite rather than staring at my garage wall.

    Here is the basic, non-certified Jen work out on a Conquer Vertical Climber 3.0:

    Warm up with a minute or two of jumping jacks or jog in place. Hop on the climber, and go to it!

    Keep your feet flat on the pedals and work to keep your glutes and hamstrings engaged. Go up on your toes a little if you want to fire up your calf muscles too. Don't slam the pedals down and don’t let them go all the way up to get a great burn in your quads. This fitness machine uses your own body weight for resistance, and that is all I (personally) need!

    Hold the adjustable handles and let your arms, shoulders, chest, and back join the workout party. Need an arm break? Place your hands on the comfortable stationary handle grips. Be sure to keep your head straight and eyes forward and avoid straining your neck as you move. Stay engaged with your form, if your mind slips your form is likely to as well.

    Conquer Vertical Climber 3.0 This is NOT Jen, on the Conquer Vertical Climber 3.0

    If you want to keep it simple, use a cheap pedometer to track your steps taken and calories burned. Or get fancier and pick up one of those electronic fitness activity trackers. They can track everything from your heart rate to what kind of shampoo you use. Obviously I am joking, but you get the idea! The PC Mag  website has a good list of the latest fitness trackers here.

    Typically, I spend between 20-30 minutes on the climber. My warm up is 5 minutes, I’ll ramp up and go hard for about 15, then cool down for another 5. I tend to exercise intuitively and use my own personal RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) scale. Don’t forget, I am not a personal trainer, just an average gal trying to maintain her fitness.

    My RPE scale from 0-10 goes something like this:

    • Level 0-1: Thinking about lunch.
    • Level 2-3: Picking up laundry off the floor and shooting it at the basket from across the room.
    • Level 4-5: Walking a 90 pound Labrador retriever. On a sunny afternoon in July.
    • Level 6-7: Whoa, sweat! Working out is fun! I’m in the zone and can do this for a while.
    • Level 8-9: Breathing hard. May be able to grunt a response to a direct question.
    • Level 10+: Can’t. Talk. At. All. Please save me.

    Find a couple of other versions of the RPE scale here and here.

    Need more motivation? Pick out your favorite tunes or freshen up your playlist with some new ones. Music enhances a work out and here are some of the best music streaming services.

    The Conquer Vertical Climber 3.0 gets my heart going and I have seen results in my arm tone since I started using it. I love this compact home exercise machine because it does not take up a lot of room in the corner of my garage. It is easy to adjust the handles for different family member’s heights.

    For me? The most important thing in any exercise regimen is to keep moving and have fun. What is your favorite way to work out on the climber?


  • Why stand?

    Have you heard about recent studies linking prolonged sitting to poor health outcomes? Things like back pain. A foggy brain. Sore shoulders. Muscle degeneration. Disease. Scary stuff.

    Do you spend a lot of time desk-bound and stationary?

    Conquer can help you up!

    Desktop Tabletop Standing Desk Desktop Tabletop Standing Desk

    The Conquer Desktop Tabletop Standing Desk is an adjustable height sit to stand ergonomic workstation that is easy to use.  Fully assembled out of the box, this standing desk is designed to help alleviate issues stemming from inactivity.

    With a large workspace area, variable height adjustment (from 6"-19.5"), and plenty of room for a full size keyboard and mouse, this standing desk is a smart choice at a great price.

    For years the folks at Conquer have been at the forefront of the battle against the modern sedentary lifestyle, offering such fitness items as their wildly popular cycling trainer and the Conquer Vertical Climber.

    Reduce the health hazards of sitting too much. Stand up, walk away from your desk, stretch when you're in front of the TV,  do anything to take a "movement break".  Try a standing desk. And know that RoadBikeOutlet and Conquer are  committed to your health and well-being.

  • The All New Conquer Vertical Climber is Here!

    Introducing (drum roll please)... the ALL NEW and improved Conquer Vertical Climber! Version 2.0 of this amazingly simple fitness machine has arrived, and it is better than ever.

    Conquer Vertical Climber Conquer Vertical Climber

    The Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine 2.0 is the perfect addition to any home gym.  Exercise the whole body in a low impact/high intensity way, and have fun doing it!

    Your own body weight provides all the resistance you need on this well designed climbing machine. Two stationary and two adjustable handles provide various positions, and the ergonomic grips  are comfortable for the duration of your session.

    Checkout some of these climber workout ideas. Don't forget to warm up!

    Conquer Vertical Climber Easy to fold!

    The climber is simple to assemble with the included tools and hardware. The base is wide and stable, with non skid feet. The climber has a super slim profile when opened, yet it easily folds for out of the way storage when not in use.

    On a budget? Build your home gym around this ingenious and inexpensive fitness climber. As always, we offer free shipping on everything found on RoadBikeOutlet. From bikes to inflatable paddle boards,  fitness equipment to outdoor games, our low prices will not break the bank.

    The same folks that brought us a great line of cycling trainers, Conquer has once again come up with an awesome exercise option with its new and improved fitness climbing machine.

    Build a strong core and get a great cardio work out at the same time! The Conquer Vertical Climber will help you burn calories, tone muscles and enjoy keeping fit.

  • The Conquer Vertical Climber

    For a complete body, low impact, high intensity workout all in one machine, check out the Conquer Vertical Climber! From the same folks that offer a great line of inexpensive cycling trainers, Conquer has once again come up with an excellent exercise option with its new fitness climbing machine.

    Conquer Vertical Climber Conquer Vertical Climber

    A perfect addition to any home gym, this climber provides an awesome whole body workout and is offered on roadbikeoutlet.com at an amazing price.

    Conquer Vertical Climber Conquer Vertical Climber, folded for storage

    Your own body weight provides all the resistance you need on this ingenious climbing machine. Use the adjustable height handles and exercise your upper and lower body, or rest your arms on the stationary handles and work your legs. The ergonomic grips are comfortable, non-slip and easy to clean.

    The climber is simple to assemble with the included tool and hardware. The base is wide and stable, with four non skid rubber feet. If space in your exercise area is an issue, the climber has a slim profile when opened, yet it easily folds for out of the way storage when not in use.

    Build strong core muscles and get a great cardio work out at the same time! The Conquer Vertical Climber will help you burn calories, tone muscles and have fun while keeping fit.

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