Conquer SFI 16.1/FIA Rated 6 Point Racing Safety Harness Cam Lock Seat Belt

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SKU: 350-SHARN-BLK For car racers and racing teams looking for the best protection, check out the Conquer SFI 16.1 Rated 6 Point Racing Safety Harness Safety Cam Lock Seat Belt. With 3" to 2" shoulder belts, 3" lap belts and T-bar adjustable 2" sub belts, this Conquer racing harness is SFI 16.1 rated. This rating meets established safety standards as determined by SFI Foundation, Inc. Cam lock buckle is easy to use. Six threaded bolt-in mounting eye bolts included. FIA 8853-2016 approved homologation standards for safety harnesses (FIA hologram tag labels are affixed).