Conquer Snell SA2020 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet

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The perfect full face helmet for race day, Conquer's Snell SA2020 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet has a fiberglass composite shell, face shield with tear off posts, and a Kevlar chin strap. Conquer helmets have a comfortable fit, HANS inserts and flame retardant padding. This full face Snell SA2020 auto racing helmet has a superior venting system. A soft, protective carry bag is included.


Lightweight fiberglass composite shell construction

Fire retardant padded interior

Removable cheek pads

Airflow venting for comfort

3mm Anti-scratch, flame resistant shield with tear off post

SNELL SA2020 Certified, HANS Threaded Inserts In Shell

IMPORTANT: This helmet is manufactured for automobile racing and is not regulated by the US DOT. It is not for use on public streets, road, or highways.

  • Safety Rating: Snell SA2020 Certified