Conquer Carbon Fiber Snell SA2020 Approved Open Face Racing Helmet

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SKU: 350-OFCF-SA20-M

This Conquer carbon fiber open face helmet is approved by Snell for all major racing associations with a SA2020 certification. The carbon fiber composite shell construction is lightweight, and the design is aerodynamic. The clean sleek design, along with our venting system, provides amazing air circulation to keep your head cool and comfortable. Conquer Car Racing Helmets are SNELL SA2020 approved and feature innovative design with maximum protection. Next track day, choose Conquer.

  • Lightweight carbon fiber composite shell construction
  • Comfort fit, fire retardant padded interior
  • Airflow venting for comfort & Kevlar chin strap
  • HANS Threaded Inserts In Shell
  • SNELL SA2020 Approved, Sticker Inside

IMPORTANT: This helmet is manufactured for automobile racing and is not regulated by the US DOT. It is not for use on public streets, road, or highways.

  • Safety Rating: Snell SA2020 Certified