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2011 Benotto Classico Fixed Gear Track Bicycle

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  1. Happy lil boy review by Mr. Corleone on 6/13/11

    I don't have years of experienced cycling behind me. However, I am a fun, and practical thinker, and I really like this bike!

    All the little things I don't like about it are cheap and easy to replace. For example, the handle bar is a little wide; but those are cheap and there is also craigslist.

    Probably 90% if it was complete from the box. All I had to do was install the pedals, front wheel, handle bar, and saddle. All of the important stuff was already assembled (the cog/ hub, chain, sprocket, etc). The chain tensioners near the dropout are awesome too.

    The only thing wrong was that they sent my one break lever and three breaks instead of a strait up pair. Other than that it was great. No paint damage or bent spokes or anything like that. I'm a happy customer and rider despite the slight break mistake.

    Hope this was helpful!

  2. Benotto review by RVaast on 5/16/11

    I'll be honest, I bought the bike because it was inexpensive and if it got stolen, it wouldn't be the end of the world. That being said, it's pretty sweet. I really like the color scheme, minus the Italian flag stickers that I thought I'd be able to take off, but unfortunately I can't. Easy to fix though...I'll just cover them up with other stickers. Next point, I'd recommend getting some new pedals and toe clips, or at the very least, just toe clips. Not a big deal either, just be safe riding breakless. My last point, the handlebars are great but a bit wide. Easy enough to chop down though. All in all, great bike for the price, just be warned that the breaks do not fit. They should't even bother including them.

  3. My Dream Classy Bike review by Lubis on 4/30/11

    I Love this bike classy and fixed.. :D

  4. Pat review by Pat on 10/23/10

    OMG i'm Italian and i love this bike... Tomorow i bay you baby ;)

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