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  • Gavin NOUVO TRI 2011 Gavin NOUVO TRI 2011
  • 50cm Gavin NOUVO 2011 Triathlon / Tri Bike - Shimano Tiagra 50cm Gavin NOUVO 2011 Triathlon / Tri Bike - Shimano Tiagra
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  • 58cm Gavin NOUVO 2011 Triathlon / Tri Bike - Shimano Tiagra 58cm Gavin NOUVO 2011 Triathlon / Tri Bike - Shimano Tiagra

Gavin NOUVO 2011 Triathlon TRI Bike - Shimano Sora

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  1. Excellent bike - thank you! review by Rafael on 12/24/12

    I did my first tri, a reverse sprint (swim last) this spring three weeks post Boston because I had done so much cross training due to an injury, the tri sounded like a break from routine and it was fun. Got some basic tri-suit gear off the Internet and swore any race in open water and/or with a wet suit was more competitive/expensive than I was willing to try right now.I was able to soar through the 5K no problem, but found that I really need to spend more time on the bike, since that's really the only place I can shave significant time off in a spnirt distance due to the time spent on that leg.Surprise: How many people don't know how to swim. That's not me and 400 m in an Olympic pool is an easy distance for me. It makes it difficult to pass when the people are trying to do breaststroke or flailing around.What I would have done differently: Probably arriving earlier for better positioning in the transition area. I was close to the swim exit, but having to run with a bike and in bike shoes is not so easy.Advice: Start with the short distance. I don't do 5Ks for philosophical and budgetary reasons, but tagging a 14 mile bike ride and a quarter mile swim on at the end makes it more interesting. I will do my second tri at the end of the summer to measure any improvement, and then work on my fall marathon. I'm really wondering how that might help me for the 26.2.

  2. Great Bike review by Speed-Racer on 1/11/12

    If you are buying this bike, you are a beginner like myself. First, you should immediately upgrade the pedals to clipless (the name implies the opposite, you want to lock in with special cleated shoes, you will experience 40% better results). Next, unless you have buns of steel, upgrade the saddle to something with gel. After about a year, look to upgrade the tires to something more durable. Just my two cents. Again, love this bike.

  3. Love this bike review by Kathy on 6/30/11

    After doing 2 triathlons on a mountain bike and not wanting to spend a ton of money on a bike, I am so excited about this bike. It rides very smooth, shifts great, and is very light.

    I have probably around 150 miles on this bike and while I did have to take it to a bike shop to have the rear derailleur straightened out (somehow it had gotten bent), it has worked perfectly.

    My only beef was that the assembly instructions that came with the bike were ridiculously hard to understand and didn't even appear to be for the tri bike I ordered. The seat is also as hard as a rock so I took my seat off my old bike.

    But I definitely recommend this bike to someone not looking to spend a fortune on a good bike.

  4. Can't beat it review by Derek048 on 8/27/10

    I just had REI put this bike together for me and they were impressed with it and said that it was a great entry level Tri bike. Looking forward to spending a lot of time on it!

  5. good review by COtri on 6/24/10

    first tri with it, my coach asked me to take off aerobars, worked well, no problems shifting, but sometimes lower gears made loud obnoxious sounds. my coach and the LBS guy had never heard of gavin, but were impressed by beginner bike quality. good bike.

  6. Best Value for Entry Level review by Darkhorse on 7/19/09

    I spent a lot of time looking for the right bike. After finding the LBS entry level prices absurd (1K for a brand name bike with 2200 level components) I decided to purchase this bike.

    The frame is outstanding and everything was easy to assemble. A great bike and a great value!

  7. mitch review by great tri-bike on 6/22/09

    i got my nuovo about a month an a half ago and i love it .I just did my first triathlon on it an i won . my avg speed was 22.6 mph.

  8. Can't Beat the Price review by Bang for Buck on 6/22/09

    For the money, this bike is easily a sure buy. I went into my research on a $800 max budget, knowing that the budget would limit me to entry level rides. I never expected to get an aluminum frame this light and tires so responsive for my budget. I am very pleased.

    I did some tweaking, of course, on the gears and brakes. Components are entry level, but very adequate, especially for the money. Why spend $1000 on an equivalent with a larger bike company? I can always upgrade components over time.

    Regarding that, expect to need additional padding on the handle bar and plan to upgrade the saddle within first year. Unless you need high performance gears (which is doubtful if you're shopping in this price range), plan to be fully satisfied.

  9. Great entry level bike review by DScott on 5/31/09

    I ordered this bike, and an identical smaller version for my wife about 3 mos ago and have put several hundred miles on it so far and it's been great. I purchased some clipless pedals from Bike Nashbar for about 25 bucks that matched the system on my mountain bike and I was good to go. It's light years ahead of my 20 year old road bike I initially tried to bring out of retirement. The Shimano components are lower end but very adequate and have performed well so far. I've got my first triathlon scheduled in one week and I look forward to passing a lot of 1k and higher priced bikes over the course of the race. I have no complaints so far and would recommend this bike to anyone who would like to get into road biking and triathlons without breaking the bank.

  10. bike is great review by lin on 5/25/09

    I was unsured, but I was glad I did. It turned out just perfect.
    Thank you Gavin.

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