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  • Gavin Durus (50,52,54cm) Gavin Durus (50,52,54cm)
  • Gavin Durus (50,52,54cm Gavin Durus (50,52,54cm
  • Gavin Durus (50,52,54cm) Gavin Durus (50,52,54cm)
  • 52cm Gavin DURUS 2011 Womens Road Bike - Shimano Sora 52cm Gavin DURUS 2011 Womens Road Bike - Shimano Sora
  • 50cm Gavin DURUS 2011 Womens Road Bike - Shimano Sora 50cm Gavin DURUS 2011 Womens Road Bike - Shimano Sora
  • 46cm Gavin DURUS 2011 Womens Road Bike - Shimano Sora 46cm Gavin DURUS 2011 Womens Road Bike - Shimano Sora
  • 48cm Gavin DURUS 2011 Womens Road Bike - Shimano Sora 48cm Gavin DURUS 2011 Womens Road Bike - Shimano Sora

Gavin DURUS 2011 Womens Road Bike - Shimano Sora

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  1. Good Bike! review by Simone on 8/23/11

    I enjoy riding on this bike and look forward to each ride! The only problem I had with this bike was the shifters. The first day I got it the shifter got stuck. I took it to a bike shop and they readjusted the shifter and now it works well. I can't wait for my first triathlon!

  2. Great Bike review by Anatoliy on 8/22/11

    Hello we are new to road racing, but we ordered two bikes, it was mailed to us in 2 quick days, the bike is fast, at an affordable price, i already went over 100 miles on it and ride it every morning, the bike is fast and comfortable and i am very pleased with my purchase.

  3. Gaving Durus 48cm review by smulieri on 8/16/11

    I got the bike a week after I ordered it. Having had it pro built really helped, but the day I got it I rode about 4 miles and the front shifter was no longer working. It got stuck and I had to take it to the bike shop for them to fix it. Customer service was very helpful and they refunded me for the expense. I am 5'2 and I thought a 48cm would be good for me, but I wish I would have gotten the 46 cm because the seat won't go any lower and it's hard at times to get on it. Other than that, I really like the bike and I can't wait to use it for my first triathlon in a few weeks!

  4. beautiful! review by bernie on 7/20/11

    ordered this bike on line around 6pm on a friday... received it Tuesday the following. Superfast deliv. Pretty self explainatory to install. At the mecanic now getting tuned as recommended! thanks

  5. Gavin 2010 Durus - Good solid bike review by Chris in North Oyster on 7/2/11

    Ordered the 2010 Gavin Durus a couple months back because I needed a road trainer for an upcoming 1,000 km charity ride.
    The Durus represented a good value for the price.

    Shipping was fast. To Vancouver Island was about $100. Even with shipping, taxes and brokerage fees I still came out a couple hundred dollars cheaper than roughly equivalent major brands available in my region.

    Only minor issue I had with bike upon arrival was a warped rear rim, which was easy for me to tension out with about 10 minutes work and a little patience. Otherwise no issues with assembly.

    Really strong solid frame. And really good looking too. The website photos really don't do it justice.

    Components are basic, but all good quality. I swapped out the Kenda tires for Michelins, which made a huge difference.

    I also swapped out the seat post for a zero offset model to suit my seating position and flipped the handlebar stem to raise the bar height.

    I've ridden the Gavin a few hundred kms with no problems. The bike has really stable handling and shifts well although I think the front derailleur could do with a slightly wider cage to better accommodate the triple chain rings.

    I saw some complaints in other reviews about the Alex rims not staying true, but I've had no problems. Our rural paved roads are really substandard over long stretches and I've hammered the bike through those at some pretty high speeds - plus I tilt the scales at about 220 lbs., so the bike definitely knows I'm perched on top of it. I also have mountain bikes with Alex rims and no issues over years of use with those either.

    I have two other road bikes - an old Cannondale T700 that I rebuilt and a $2,200 Trek that the charity ride sponsor supplied. The Trek has proven to be an excellent product, but my most comfortable road bike has surprisingly turned out to be the Gavin, which I use regularly on non-scheduled training rides to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the Trek that will have to be returned to the sponsor in a few months.

    I've read criticisms of the Gavin in other reviews, but come on, are you kidding me? For $400 this bike is outstanding value.

  6. Great bike - A pleasure to ride. review by Norm F on 5/18/11

    Lots of fun riding this bike. I have had it on several 30-mile rides - all great. I had one small issue where free hub body was making a grinding sign. The local bike shop disassembled it , repacked it with gear grease and the sound disappeared.

  7. Gavin the Great review by JDBikeRyder on 4/27/11

    This is my first road Bike...I completed my first MS 150 Bike Ride from Houston to Austin (169+ miles) last weekend. It attacked the up hill climbs with ease! I cut through head winds at 19 mph with minimal effort. I was able to reach speeds in the mid to upper 40s downhill on the AWESOME racing machine! I assembled the bike myself (opted for the clipless pedal and seat upgrades), and took the bike to my local bike shop for a custom fitting. I'm glad I invested in this modestly priced road bike. The Specializd and Trek guys on my team were highly impressed by my GAVIN DURUS. I was so impressed, I've nicknamed my bike 'Gavin the Great'!

  8. I love my new bike review by mikedw on 8/24/10

    I got my durus last thursday. My first impression was that it was a well made bike. I put it together myself without any trouble, but took it to the local bike shop to fine tune it. I took my bike out for 12 mile ride last Saturday and ride it to work. This bike is definitly worth more than the $400.00 I paid!

  9. By far the best starter bike for the money! review by Max on 8/18/10

    I have had the Durus for about 2 months now and I have close to 200 miles currently. The bike is very solid and shifts extremely smooth and precise. I really love this bike! My longest ride was 33 miles and I really wasn't that sore from riding. I would recommend slinging the seat that comes with it and upgrade to the one offered. A friend of mine recently bought a trek 1.1 at a bike store and paid $635.00 for it. After putting the two together the Durus was a way nicer bike in looks and components! It really does match up to the Trek 1.2 at a much lower cost! The bike ships very quickly, and is very well packaged. It does require some careful unpacking as they have taking some extra effort to ensure nothing is damaged in shipping. I rather enjoyed putting the bike together and tuning it. I your not mechanically inclined I would advise taking it to a bike shop and having them tune it. I just did some research online and kind of taught myself.

    If you decide to buy this bike you will not be disappointed!!

  10. Great Bike! review by TG on 8/12/10

    Been riding a mountain bike on the road for years. First time I rode this I was shocked by how much more comfy it was to ride plus how it doubled my top speed. Also simple to put together from the box.

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